1. Famous Photographers’ Self-Portraits in Mirrors

    Let’s be honest. It’s hard to take a dignified self-portrait in the mirror — to arrange your face casually, to half-pose without feeling contrived, to push the button without feeling a bit silly… for us, that is. These are professionals. They spend their days behind the camera, so it’s quite exciting to peek into this intimate moment in their private space, to soak in the details — from the dimples in their face to the patterns of their wallpaper to their camera gear. A demure Diane Arbus in the ’40s, a surreal Weegee in the ’50s, a sexy Helmut Newton in the ’70s — we’re fascinated by these pre-Internet, pre-cliché images from the masters. Here are a few known art photographers and noted photojournalists shooting themselves. OK, now your turn.

    (Via. Flavorwire)

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